Venue: The UnConference will take place at the University of Auckland 1–2 December, 2021. All sessions will be held in the Maths and Physics Building (Building 303), which is located at 38 Princes Street. Rooms MLT2 and MLT3 are on the first floor, and SLT1 is on the ground floor. There is considerable construction going on around the campus, but the main doors on Princes Street will always be accessable. This entry is at the basement level.

Reception: There is no formal reception, but some of us will gather at the Vultures' Lane in the CBD (map here) around 1800 on Tuesday evening.

Conference Dinner: The conference dinner will be held in Old Government House 1800–2200 on Wednesday the 1st of December, 2021. As per last time, this is an informal event with no fixed place settings, but there are tables and chairs when you can sit and eat and talk. Important: The theme—yes there is a theme—will be Terrifically Terrible Tartan with all things tartan accepted, ideally as outrageous and hideous as possible. There may be a prize...The theme is optional.

Session Chairs: Session chairs for the keynote talks have been arranged. In all other sessions, the session chair will be the last speaker of that session. Speakers should aim to talk for 15-17 minutes, and allow for a couple of questions at most. Please try and stick to the times so that people can move between rooms easily.

Questions: Remember that if you have a question for a speaker:

  1. It should be a question not a statement.
  2. It should be about the talk and not about you.
  3. It should be short.
  4. If you really think the speaker is wrong, then it might be better to talk to them when they are off-stage.
  5. To please be respectful.
  6. And finally, that James hates most questions, so think before you ask :-)